Pigeon racing has been in the Dowden family since the 1920s

George Dowden & Son loft in 1946 Portsmouth

YB average cup winners in 1946 and in 1947 racing as Dowden & Son in Portsmouth Col. H.S

Russ Dowdens first loft in 1948 racing on his own.

Russ Dowden's Gold Medal Winning 3rd British Sect 149th Barcelona International 1962.

Russ & Dot Dowden with some of their silver cups won from over 600 miles.

Per-Mare Per-Terram flight feather.



Per-Mare Per-Terram

1st Sect A, 1st Open British Barcelona Club Palamos National 1978 miles.

Bred & raced by Russ Dowden

The wing taken 2hrs after timing in "Note the third flight coming up"



"Leather Neck"

Spanish Diploma Winner 1977 British Barcelona Club.

Bred & raced by Russ Dowden

"True Grit"

The Long Distance Champion


Thurso 544 miles

Thurso 544 miles

Lerwick 643 miles

Lerwick 643 miles

Barcelona 670 miles

Faroe Island 800 miles

Bred & raced by Russ Dowden

N.R.P.S Presentation Malta 1969

Russ Dowden presenting a silver cup to the Museat Bros of Malta, winners of the longest Federation race from brindisi 410 miles winning the race by 3 hours.



Russ visiting fanciers in Malta September 1971

Russ in Malta 1987

Presenting the silver " Dowden Cup" to The Longest Distance winner in Malta.

"Dark Pied Cock"

1st Fed Lerwick 643 miles

6th Fed Lerwick

8th Fed Lerwick

Thurso 544 miles


1st Fed by two hours.

Bred & raced by Russ Dowden

"The Red Lerwick Hen"

1983 1st Club (by four days), 2nd Federation Lerwick 643 miles.

Bred & raced by Russ Dowden



Relentless Endrance Spanish Diploma Winner
Russ Dowden holding Per-Mare Per-Terram 1st open Palamos 1978 British Barcelona Club
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